10 Great Office Gift Exchange Games

Office Gift ExchangeLike it or not, the annual office Christmas party is a holiday staple that’s here to stay. And really, what’s not to like? Food, drinks, camaraderie and, best of all, gifts! But if you’ve been doing Secret Santa exchanges so many years that he’s no longer a secret, it may be time to find a new way to get your co-workers into the spirit of giving. Try one of these refreshing gift exchange ideas to fill your office with a healthy dose of Christmas magic without hearing any humbugs!

White Elephant Gift Exchange
A classic gift exchange game that goes by many names, this event always ends in laughs. Have everyone wrap and bring something from around their home that they’ve been meaning to get rid of or something they don’t use anymore. You’re sure to be amazed at what some people want to give away!

Christmas Coffee Mug Exchange
During the winter, hot beverages are a must; so make sure everyone at the office has a fun mug with this gift exchange everyone can enjoy. For an added touch, place packets of hot cocoa or hot apple cider in the mug or fill it with candy before wrapping it.

Christmas Decoration Exchange
Need to brighten up your office a bit? Consider a fun gift exchange for decorations everyone can put up in the office or at home year after year. From humorous ornaments to classic yard decorations, this exchange can run the gamut. Whether you narrow down your gift selection to just “ornaments” or keep the selection open is up to you.

Cheap Gift Exchange
It’s been a tough year for everyone, so go ahead and set this gift exchange’s price limit to $5 or under. Tell everyone to try and find a useful gift and be prepared to be happily surprised at what turns up when the wrapping paper is removed.

Edible Exchange
Whether it’s homemade Christmas cookies, fudge, hot chocolate, a cheese and meat platter or something different, this is another gift exchange most everyone is sure to enjoy. Just make sure your item is wrapped up sufficiently to stay fresh! As a twist, instead of bringing something edible, just exchange a few of your favorite holiday treat recipes. This way everyone can share in the fun, even if budgets are tight.

Office Essentials Exchange
Another exchange perfect for the office, encourage your co-workers to purchase a fun, functional gift to be used at work. It could be as elaborate as a nice clock or a pencil and pen set or as simple as a paperweight or a humorous stress ball.
Book Exchange
It might be best to declare fiction or non-fiction first, but this exchange is a great way to share a favorite author of yours with your co-workers. That is, unless you already know what your office mates enjoy reading.

Calendar Exchange
Day-to-day calendars, pocket calendars, wall calendars – there’s always plenty to choose from. Here’s a tip: calendar prices are always slashed right after the holidays, so this gift exchange may be best if you can’t fit in your office Christmas party until after the holidays.

Re-Gift Exchange
Self-explanatory. Another gift exchange that’s perfect when you can’t get your office Christmas party in before the holidays.

Party Game Exchange
It’s a party, right? So let the good times roll after the gifts have been opened with a game exchange! Tell everyone to bring a good party game to give away and then after the exchange you can make use of the gifts as an unforgettable way to finish your event. Leave it up to your co-workers to decide whether they want to go deluxe with big board games or keep it thrifty with card and dice games.

From drawing straws, picking numbers from a hat or just round robin, each of these gift exchange ideas can be played in a number of different ways. Pick which way you think will be enjoyable and have fun! Just make sure you give your office plenty of time to find a gift. Before you start, though, think about setting a price limit to keep your gift exchange fair and balanced. Remember, ‘tis better to give than receive!

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