Baby Shower Party Planning Guide

Written By Penny Warner.

Today anyone can host a baby shower, and anyone can be invited, including men. Simply choose a time that's convenient for the expectant mother, and host a brunch, luncheon, afternoon tea, or dessert shower.


  • Begin with a theme, such as teddy bears or rubber duckies. Or try a "baby's day" theme,Babyshowerinvitations_2 assigning times such as "meal time," "bath time," and "bedtime," and ask guests to bring gifts appropriate for use during those times.

  • Buy invitations to match your theme, or make your own pink, blue or yellow folded diaper invitations, with party details inside.

  • Include small baby novelties in padded envelopes, such as rubber duckies, pacifier candies, mini teddy bears, or baby-theme ribbons.


  • Turn the party room into a make-believe nursery. Hang up a clothesline filled with baby clothes. Set out giant blocks and stuffed animals. Tie pink, blue or yellow balloons to the backs of chairs with ribbon.

  • Cover the party table with a baby-themed tablecloth and tableware to match. Or spread a babyBabyshowerdecorations_2 blanket on the table, topped with a plastic cover to protect it. Buy inexpensive bibs and use them as placemats. Play lullabies and nursery rhyme music in the background.

  • For a centerpiece, fill a basket with baby items, such as blocks, teddy bears, rubber duckies, sports equipment, or princess accessories.

Games & Activities

  • Guess the Gizmo. Buy a variety of baby items, such as a nose syringe, thermometer strip and bottle brush, then have guests guess what each item is.

  • Who's Who? Have guests bring their baby pictures, then pass them around and guess the Babyshowergames identities.

  • Baby Food Tasting. Place spoonfuls of different baby foods on a paper plate for each guest, then have them taste the food and try to guess what flavor it is.

  • Big Belly. Pass out baby-themed ribbon to guests. Ask each guest to estimate the expectant mother's belly size and cut an equivalent length of ribbon, then wrap each ribbon around the pregnant mother to see who's closest.

  • "Before You Were Born" Scrapbook. Help the mother-to-be create a pregnancy scrapbook with baby stickers, baby-theme paper and decorations.

Suggested Gifts for Baby

  • Disposable diapers wrapped in pink or blue and stacked like blocks.

  • A list of recommended parks, mom clubs, baby classes, pediatricians, and discount stores in the Babyshowerbabygift community contributed by the guests.

  • Baby T-shirts with cute slogans, such as "Class of 20XX" and "Future CEO," using your computer and iron-on transfers.

  • Cute containers for baby "firsts" – first tooth, first haircut, etc.

Suggested Gifts for Mom

  • A day at a spaBabyshowergiftformom

  • Tickets for a night out and coupons for free babysitting

  • A week of meals or housecleaning

  • A filled maternity suitcase or diaper bag

Suggested Gifts for Dad

  • "Dad's Emergency Apron" filled with baby items such as a thermometer, nose syringe, rattle, bib, toys, and so on.


  • Serve a cake in the shape of rattle, diaper, or baby bottle; or incorporate the theme of the party into the cake, such as a teddy bear or ducky.

  • Ask a bakery to tint bread pink or blue, then make little sandwiches filled with tinted spreads.

  • Serve party drinks in baby bottles with pink and blue straws.

  • Offer a non-alcoholic punch, such as cranberry cocktail with sherbet balls floating on top.

  • Make sure there's lots of chocolate!


  • Fill clear baby bottles with candy, gumballs, jelly beans, or chocolates.Babyshowerpartyfavors

  • Pass out teddy bear or ducky key rings.

  • Share kid-theme notepads and pencils inside treat bags.

Thank Yous

  • During the party, have the guests fill out their addresses on thank-you notes, then give them to the expectant mother, already stamped. Include photos from the party.

Helpful Hints

  • - Encourage the parents-to-be to register for gifts to make shopping easier.
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