Bachelorette Party Checklist

Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner with the bride and her friends or going out for a night on the town, this handy bachelorette party checklist will help you prepare for the party of a lifetime.

3 Months Before the Bachelorette Party
□ Ask the bride what she wants (or doesn’t want) for her bachelorette party. Will it be dinner with close friends or a night out on the town?

□ While you want everyone’s attention focused on the bride, you don’t want to embarrass her. Talk with her to understand what she will and won’t be comfortable with.

□ Set the party date. Aim for a weekend night about 2-3 weeks before the wedding that is convenient for the bride.

□ Start the guest list.

2 Months Before the Bachelorette Party
□ Email or mail a save-the-date request to everyone on the guest list. If the party is out-of-town, make sure to include as many specific details as possible so guests can make travel and lodging arrangements.

□ If you’re starting at a restaurant, call ahead and ask about group rates and reservations. This will help you save money and time.

□ Make transportation reservations. Options include a limo, bus, van, etc.

□ If you’re having the bachelorette party at someone’s home, help plan out a menu and refreshments. Divide tasks among bridesmaids and enlist their help with games, decorations, refreshments, music, etc.

1 Week Before the Bachelorette Party
□ Stock up on fun party favors for the bride and guests, such as tiaras, sashes, light-up necklaces and other fun accessories.

□ Confirm RSVPs and let guests know the finalized plans.

□ Confirm transportation arrangements.

□ Confirm restaurant reservations.

□ Confirm any entertainment you have scheduled.

1 Day Before the Bachelorette Party
□ Make sure the bride knows where she’s going. Aside from this, it’s okay to keep some details a surprise.

□ Make up goody bags for the guests.

□ Get lots of rest so you can relax and enjoy the party!

Now that you have your checklist, check out our Bachelorette Party Ideas to make this special night memorable!

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