Bridal Shower Checklist

You offered to host the bridal shower – now what? Keep this checklist handy to stay on schedule and on budget for a bridal shower she’ll never forget!

3+ Months Before the Bridal Shower
□ Speak with the bride-to-be and ask what type of shower she wants. Does she want a party theme? What time of day would she like to have the shower?

□ Where will the shower be held? If it’s going to take place at a restaurant or hall, make your reservations immediately.

□ Start creating the guest list.

2 Months Before the Bridal Shower
□ Contact out-of-town guests and make sure they know to save the date so they can start making plans now.

□ Establish a budget.

□ Purchase bridal shower invitations.Bridalshowerinvitations

□ Get together with other bridesmaids or friends of the bride and brainstorm decoration, food and game ideas.

□ If you catering food or ordering a cake for the bridal shower, start making those orders and reservations now.

□ Start collecting addresses for the guest list.

1 Month Before the Bridal Shower
□ Address and mail the invitations.

□ Start shopping for bridal shower decorations and any other items you may need.Bridalshowerdecorations

□ If you requested that guests bring a food dish, contact them to confirm.

2 Weeks Before the Bridal Shower
□ If you’re ordering flowers, go ahead and place the order.

□ Make sure to buy YOUR gift for the bride!

□ Make a grocery list of the beverages, food and recipe ingredients you may need.

1 Week Before the Bridal Shower
Confirm any reservations you’ve made.

□ Confirm R.S.V.P.sBridalshowergames

□ Purchase items on your grocery list.

□ Plan out the bridal shower games.

1 Day Before the Bridal Shower
□ Prepare any menu items that can be made ahead of time or do any kitchen prep work for the next day.

□ Start decorating and set up your favors and games.

□ If there are any other hostesses, call and confirm what time they will be arriving or if they’re bringing anything to the bridal shower.

□ Get a good night’s rest so you’ll be relaxed and fresh-faced for the party.

The Day of the Bridal Shower
□ Arrange tables and chairs, then set out favors and decorations.Bridalshowerfavors

□ Prepare and set out all of the food and beverages.

□ Not all guests will know each other, so be sure to make introductions and encourage guests to mingle.

□ Have fun!

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